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Body Shape Analysis

After analyzing your body type using the photos I took together with the measurements, I came to realise that you have an apple bodyshape, which means you have got fuller bust, waist and upper back and width around the middle leading down to slimmer legs. It’s great to have an apple bodyshape, as you can always show off and be proud of your leggs and arms.

After my styling session:

The images above are the nee, feminine and sexy you. Your new ways to wear your old an new clothes togther. Remember for your apple shaped body you must:

  • Always create a waits thin belts on the smallest part of your waist, as it’s slimming down and balences your entire figure.
  • Make sure your shirt goes under the boobs which is the smallest part of your torso
  • Wear high waited, flared and boot cut trousers, which are a great way to balance your body’s upper half.
  • Darker colours and the use basic fabrics on top can help you minimise and slim your torso

Don’t forget, your body is beautiful, no matter what shape you have. It’s my job to make you feel confident and to feel happy in your body, which I hope I achieved.

I’ve spent the last ten years working as a fashion designer and as a stylist. I believe my creativity and skills could help You