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AssignmentsGood Styling Vs Poor Styling

Good Styling Vs Poor Styling

As each professional stylist has their own style, in this assignment I’m going to define my opinion about the four photos chosen by myself; furthermore, the likes and dislikes, the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen photo, plus what would I do differently. I will criticise everything in the photo shoot i.e. the photographer, the make-up artists and lighting crew etc.

I discovered that choosing the pictures requires a lot of attention to the details and careful observation. Criticising a professional photo is no easy task for a new student; however, my preferred styles was sometimes disappointing, yet on the flip-side a style I would not normally subscribe to surprisingly worked well for me. Out of the four photos I chose they all featured aspects that I did like and disliked which is to be expected (as we all have our own individual styles).  

The first picture I choose is classed as a ‘dislike’.  

I decided to start with a style, which displays the style I love most “bohemian fashion style’; however, I have categorised this picture as a ‘dislike’.  In the fashion world the state of mind of a bohemian is transferred into their style through clothing, accessories, and shoes of many colour mixtures. Bohemian fashion is not just about adorning their clothes with wild colours and patterns it is also a reflection of their mental state too. So even if you can copy a fashion, it is impossible or hard to copy a way of thinking.

Choosing the style shouldn’t be that hard, but wearing the correct clothes is never that easy. The idea of this picture was well intended: i.e. a pretty girl wearing colourful and patterned clothes in a natural setting, yet from my own critique the combination of the apparel the model wears is not what I would choose and I don’t think it works for me.


  • I personally think the combination of motifs, samples and patterns are not effective enough. The conspicuous skirt that the model wears does not match with the different fabric and the strongly patterned top. The dominant colours chosen for the model are pink, red and purple. I would have chosen one colour, a very dark blue top with the skirt. As the model’s skin colour is fair combined with bright lighting, this reduces the contrast between the girl and her clothing.
  • I’m not sure if she is wearing a belt or not, maybe the textile is different around the waist, but a wide brown or darker green leather belt might have improved this setout.
  • The pretty flower sampled shoe would have been much better suited with another outfit, but I would not have combined these patterns together.
  • The accessories the model wears are interesting, but still not ideal. The green wooden or matter bracelet does not work with the whole outfit or the other accessories i.e. the model’s silver rings. I would concentrate on the bracelets, which could be multi-coloured, to play a little with colours, not with patterns. I like that the model is not wearing earrings; it is more appealing and natural this way.

The make-up and the hairstyle of the model suits her well because of her ‘girl next door’ looks.

  • The intense dark makeup defines the model beautiful dusky eyes. The black outline shows her big cat like eyes combined well with her coloured eyebrows. The model’s thick natural eyebrow represents well the themes of naturalism.
  • Wearing a natural colour lipstick is the best choice with this make up.
  • The long mellow straight hair gives a kick to the whole style and is fantastic.

It is a good idea what the location transmits to the receiver with fusing the model into the background. 

  • The distant pale colours of the flowers and the nuance of the green grass and the red flowers complete each other and it makes the viewer to feel peace and tranquillity, just what the model’s wishful thinking face is suggesting too.
  • The model’s sitting position is perfect for the location and the desired effect, the only disadvantage of this sitting is the outfit’s poor dissection. I would have chosen a standing position so one can see the clothes properly, I can’t decide if the skirt is long or is just a midi dress, the top goes under her hips and is there a belt? Or was this deliberately excluded from the picture?

The second picture I chose it’s classified as a like:

This photo was taken at London Fashion Week, in 2011 by famous bloggers/photographers. London Fashion Week is an apparel trade show held in London, twice each year, in February and September. It is one of the “Big Four” fashion weeks, included New York, Milan and Paris Fashion Week.

 The models apparel is a good example of how we can use some really bright colour trends to change our everyday grey attitude to life and replace it with a happy and colourful outlook.

Colourful, pretty and comfortable; these three adjectives describe the models fashion style on the above picture.


  • The models make up is dreamily matching with her outfit and is natural, and the clothing is the central focus. The blonde model has got yellow glossy eyeliner, but only in the corners of her eyes and natural carrot coloured lipstick is the same shade like her top. A little blusher on her face which makes her look fresh and sweet, just like a real doll!  The photographer catches the childish wonder in her look.
  • The natural light is in harmony with the colours of her dress and her makeup.

When I first saw this picture it made me smile. The orange “legs” has the impression of a stilt.

  • The extra mini, patterned dress makes the models leg look longer. The yellow, orange and turquoise decorations are energetic and lively together. The pattern reminds me of Native American style, which I love.
  • The models darker orange top is a perfect match with her vibrant, mostly blue and yellow coloured dominating dress.  
  • The shoe looks as comfortable as the outfit, maybe because it is a little bit childlike. The pin on the left side of her coat belongs to her style, and it gives an interest to the one coloured coat, just like the old fashion camera case, on her shoulder.

The models “accessories” are the pins, the camera and the grey and white bag on her shoulder and this is appropriate. No earrings, necklet or bracelet with this fashion style would match better than what she wears now.

  • The location of the photo-shoot is a big like too, because the outfit is street apparel. The street is an ideal location for this shoot. The background is a little blurry, which makes the model to stand out more. The historical English gate has got the essence of the “Londoner” style of photo.

The models pose is very natural, it looks easy and accommodating. A different pose would rule the picture, because in this position we can check very well the style out plus the receiver can have a vague idea about the London Fashion Week, thanks to the atmosphere of the picture.

The third picture is classified as another dislike:

A model showcases design by City Chic on the catwalk at Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival on August 20, is shown on the picture below. City Chic is an Australian retailer catering for sizes 14+. The main reason choosing this picture wasn’t the plus size model, but the model body position, the background and the jewellery she wears, which are debatable.

 Lights, background and models body position:

  •  On the picture the above lights are professional; they come from four directions, as you can tell from the models shadow, just like a football player on the football ground. The lighting illuminates the runway very well and puts the model in a good, advantageous perspective for the Sydney Fashion Show.
  • The model pose seems a little bit cramped to me, I can’t get any naturalness either from her pose or expression or the irregular set-up. The models right hand seems too made-up, the way she looks at the camera and she “holds” her lips.

I would change the model’s unnatural posing and her hand positions, by not holding her right hand straight with demanding fingers; a plus size model would be more advantageous for her, as both hands on the waist would slenderize her more.

  • When I’ve been searching for the “unlike” style in Google, the first thought when I saw this picture was the model has just arrived from the iconic Victoria’s Secret Angel Fashion Show; this is due to the fancy lights in the background such as wings. However; I don’t think it matches the electro-disco imagining background with the colourful, flowery model’s outfit.

 Make up, clothing, fittings and accessories:

      Below is my critical analysis of the model style as a whole:

  •  I would change almost everything on her outfit. I would have chosen a different model for the outfit or a different outfit for the model. If I really wanted to be pedantic with the model’s dress, I need to tell that not only the length is wrong, but also the colours don’t match. Three strong dominant colours is way too much for me. I would go for the yellow-purple or pink-purple version, and maybe I would let a bit more to show up from the black background.
  • I like her wavy hair, and it makes her sweeter with the matching flower in the hair.
  • My personal opinion is the model accessories and shoes are too harsh for her getup. I wouldn’t combine that outfit with any ornaments, in particular not with the “punk-rock” impulse band on her wrist and neck.

The last picture is a ‘like’ too:

This dress was presented in a Transylvanian Fashion Show at November 2011. The place was the Hungarian Secession Palace (built between 1911 and 1913), a perfect place to organise a Neoromantic Fashion Show. It was organised by Hungarian fashion designers, and the whole idea was to meet new talented, beginners on this profession. I was one of the competitors and above dress is one of the dresses I designed (out of seven from my collection).  The outfit is shimmering and colourful neo-romantic, with black lace to fling it up.

I couldn’t be at the Show, so I saved this picture from an online article about the show.

Make up, hair stylists and lightening:

  • There was one model per dress, no need to change dresses, so the stylists and makeup artist did their best for the perfect match.
  • Because of the palace/building the lighting was already very bright; therefore all the lighting crew needed to do was arrange some spotlights on the sides of runway.
  • The models hairstyle was just perfect for the whole outfit. It makes her even taller and proves the outfit more. On her crown was a bit higher, she had a little bun, ended in an undulate ponytail. It’s a good fit with the models jewellery too.

The outfit:

  • The colours of the dress are my favourite. In the front is a very light cream that gradually converts into a dark purple (on the back of the dress). The range of colours is: white-cream, yellow-pink, pink-orange, orange-red, darker red and dark purple. The back of the dress is two extra meters long with black lace in the edge with the same style in the front.
  • The black vintage necklace and earrings she is wearing is a perfect combination with the V-neck graceful dress.   
  • The tall model is wearing a black very simple high heal, actually it was extremely high, but nobody could see this under the long dress.

The models pose and atmosphere:

The colourful secession Palace had a very romantic impression already, the light music in the background and the romantic dresses with beautiful models made the perfect atmosphere for the show.

The model was walking slowly and gracefully on the runway, the people and the jury could admire her from every side. I believe there are no ugly outfits, only incongruous models. When you wear a dress you need to “wear” it! With elegance, and believe that you are the centre of the universe at that particular moment. (Confident, not arrogant) I believe is the secret of a good outfit.

I’ve spent the last ten years working as a fashion designer and as a stylist. I believe my creativity and skills could help You